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Fine Dining at 'Mr Smith's' Restaurant

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TDH Menu
Hotel Residents Only - £6.95 Bar Menu
Bar Menu

TDH Menu
£23.95 PER HEAD

Scottish Smoked Salmon

Warm bacon and lemon salad
Served with a warm poached egg on garlic butter toast

Crispy deep fried breaded mushrooms
Served with a garlic, and chill mayonnaise

Warm whole Camembert tower
Served with a sweet chilli dip

Roast Mediterranean Vegetables
Served on a bed of lemon and chilli rice

Home-made fish cakes
Served with a sweet chill dip

Tandoori chicken on a onion rice bed

Main course

8 OZ Rump Steak
Served with all the trimmings

Pasta cabonara
Bacon salami topped with Parmesan Cheese

Cheese Stuffed chicken breast
Poached in a cream and mushroom sauce

Sausage and mustard mash

Poached Salmon
Poached in white wine and ginger mushrooms

Tomato and Asparagus Pasta
Topped with Parmesan Cheese

Lismore Prawn cocktail main course Puddings of the Day please ask waitress for menu
Coffee, Additional £1.80

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Hotel Residents only
£6.95 bar menu

Thai style pepper and onion 3 band chicken wings served with chips, rice or noodles (Big) NEW

Tandoori spiced 3 band chicken wings served with chip or rice or noodles

like em hotter ask when you order (Big) NEW

Lamb chump chop served with peas and chips

Lasagne and chips

Meat pie or Chicken pie chips peas served with onion gravy

Bangers and mustard mash and onion gravy

¼ lb bacon Cheeseburger chips and beans 1/2lb £2.00 extra

¼ lb chicken spicy Tandoori and onion burger chips and chilli beans 1/2LB £2.95 extra

¼ seared chicken burger chips beans ½ lb £2.95 extra

Roast of the day with roast potatoes and vegetables

Chilli con carnie rice or chips or both

Pasta with tomato basil and cheese sauce

Large bowl hot chilli fried noodles and mushroom

2 Eggs 2 sausages, chips, beans, bacon 2 slices of buttered bread

3 egg Omelette of your choice with chips n peas

Ribs n chips with a barbeque dip Grilled Pork chop with melted cheese chips n beans or peas

Grilled bacon joint peas n chips and 2 fried eggs Homemade hot pot (big)

Homemade cottage pie (big)

Tender mild lamb or hot chicken curry rice or chips or both

Fish Pie Cod, salmon, mushroom topped with mash and cheese

Southern fried chicken chips with a barbeque dip or sweet chilli dip

Doner salad wrap served with chips and a hot or sweet chilli salsa

Chicken tandoori wrap served with chips and a hot or sweet chilli salsa

Chicken onion fresh chilli wrap served sweet chilli salsa and chips

Breaded Fish, chips and peas Breaded to order may take little longer but worth the wait NEW


Bowl of chip £2.00
Bowl of chip topped with cheese £3.00
Mixed Salad and dressing £4.50
Homemade onion rings £2.50
4 homemade cheese and onion Croquette Potatoes £2.50
Deep-fried crispy mushrooms £2.50
Hot Mexican white Chilli beans in a tomato sauce £3.50

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Bar Menu

5 chunks Brie wedges served with a chilli mustard £9.95

NEW Homemade cream of mushroom soup £5.95 served with a baguette

NEW Prawn cocktail £7.95 Main course £13.95

NEW Grilled sea bass £15.95 served with lemon butter mild chilli and fresh chopped tomato

Chilli con carni £9.95 - Served with rice or chips very hot

Giant Lasagne £9.95 - Served with chips (big meal)

Barnsley Chop £13.95 - Served with chips, vegetables of the day

Pan fried duck breast with a summer fruits sauce £14.95 Served on hash browns and mixed vegetables

Roast rack of lamb £14.95 Served with a red wine and port sauce, Saute potatoes and vegetables

8” chicken or steak pie £9.95 - Chips and Peas or beans {big meal)

Lismore deep fried lemon chicken breast £12.95 - Served with chips and peas & chilli mustard

Hot fresh chilli chicken strips served with a lemon and chilli rice £11.95

Breadcrumb loin of cod £14.95 - Served with chip and peas

Poached lemon loin of cod £14.95 served on mixed pepper and onion rice

Spicy chicken stir-fry £11.95 - Served with fried noodles or rice (big meal)

Breaded scampi £10.95 - chips and peas

Hot Chicken or tender mild lamb curry £8.95 - Served with chips or rice or a mix

Grilled Gammon steak ‘n’ 2 fried eggs £9.95 - Served with chips peas or beans or both

Beef stroganoff £14.95 - Served on rice or chips or both

8 oz Pan fried prime rump steak £9.95 - Served with chips mushroom and peas

Bigger Whole roast chicken £9.95 Served with vegetables chip or new potato onion gravy (big meal)

NEW Whole roast duck £19.95 served with orange sauce new potatoes or chip fresh vegetables (Extra big meal)

Stuffed chicken breast £12.95, Choose from creamy cheese and mushroom sauce or a hot chilli sauce

Steak Diane cooked in the traditional way £13.95 Served with vegetables chips or new potato

Homemade burgers ¼lb £5.95.½ lb £7.95.1lb £11.95- chips and peas Cheese or bacon

Large Roast bacon joint £10.95 – served with sweet BBQ or two fried eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, chips and peas

Home made Lamb kofte, Pitta bread, roast vegetables, chips and chilli dip £9.75

Cumberland Sausage n mustard mash onion gravy £9.95

NEW Pan fried fillet of pork £14.95 cooked in a brandy, mushroom, onion and red wine sauce served with apple mash

Seared Tuna steak £12.95 - rolled in cracked pepper served with diced onion and tomato, with a chilli mustard rice

Penne pasta with a tomato, asparagus and fresh chilli pepper sauce £9.95

Pan fried noodles with fresh chilli and strips of beef £12.95 (hot)

Penne pasta cabonara £12.95 - Made in the traditional way

Lismore Baguettes All served with chips Chicken, bacon, Mayo, lettuce, tomato, topped with melted cheese £8.95

Classic B.L.T £7.95 Vegetarian options on request


Whole Garlic bread £5.95
NEW Croquette potatoes cheese and onion £2.50
Homemade onion rings £2.50
Deep fried breaded mushrooms £2.50
Freshly prepared Salad and dressing £3.95
Portion of chips £2.00
NEW Hot Chilli Beans in a tomato sauce £3.50

All our dishes are made fresh to order and our chips are homemade

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We also have daily specials, why not call us on (01295) 267661 to book your table now!

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