Large menu with grills and steaks

The lismore menus have a very good choice all our dishes are cooked on site using the best local ingredients.

We do change the menu taking dishes away putting new dishes on

We have a large steak menu Rump, sirloin, fillet steaks and T-Bone starting at 8oz and up to 34oz Grills duck breast, Rack of lamb, mixed grill 


Bar menu £10.95 per dish

Lismore deep fried chicken with dips

Gammon fried eggs chipped potatoes

Lazagne chipped potatoes  

Chicken madras served with rice or chipped potatoes or both

Burgers chicken and beef from 1/4lb to 22 oz

Pasta dishes

Butter fly chicken breast served on a bed of tossed salad

Pies chicken and leek, steak pies cottage pie

Tandoori chichen, tandoori lamb with pita bread oven roast totatoes and onion

Hot chilli con carne served with rice or chipped potatoes or both

Wraps Tandoori lamb or chicken or tuna

Bangers and mash

This is only a sample what we do... please enquire for more option!